Welcome To Hayward Gordon

Welcome To Hayward Gordon



Seamless multi-batch mixing

High shear mixing ensuring rapid dispersion and emulsification

  • Quickly and easily move from one tank to the next
  • Floor mounted or portable
  • Process batch sizes of 20-1000 gallons
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Significant reduction in batch times
  • Repeatable processing batch to batch


Experts in the Industry for 60 Years

As a leading international supplier of industrial pumps and mixers, Canadian-based Hayward Gordon is perfectly positioned to meet the challenges and demanding needs of an expanding global market, serving many of the largest and most innovative projects worldwide. We can solve your process requirements with our extensive expertise obtained from six decades of experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing for some of the toughest pumping and mixing applications in the mining, environmental, oil and gas and chemical industries. Our peristaltic pumps and solid handling pumps are ideally suited to difficult pumping applications where others fail.

Our recent acquisitions of Sharpe Mixers and Scott Turbon Mixers offers the industry the most comprehensive mixing portfolio across the chemical, mining, food & beverage, environmental, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries.

Scott Turbon based in Adelanto, California, manufacture high shear mixers and mills, custom made and designed to blend, disperse, de-agglomerate, hydrate, emulsify and homogenize products for salad dressing and sauce manufacturing, beverage manufacturing and ultra-sanitary applications.

Sharpe Mixers, based in Seattle Washington has been manufacturing mixers for over 60 years for the pulp & paper, chemical, pharmaceutical and sanitary markets. Sharpe offers a wide design flexibility to meet particular requirements of each application and customer.

The Hayward Gordon group of companies is totally committed to understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of all our customers. We comply with industry best practices and continuously deliver high quality products.


Hayward Gordon builds reliability into every pump and mixer we manufacture to ensure your process runs smoothly.


We’ve been manufacturing mixers for over 60 years. Our application knowledge and mechanical experience can help improve your process.


From building pumps to nuclear specifications to our ISO 9001 manufacturing program, we build quality into everything we do.

Single Source

We have the process knowledge and expertise to provide value added systems with process piping packages for our pumps and mixers.

Our Latest News

What are we unveiling this year!

Visit us at booth #954 of WEFTEC 2019 to find out.

Looking for the perfect mixing application for your sunscreen formula?

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Lithium Underflow Pump

One of the SmartFlex peristaltic pumps ready to ship to a lithium plant for an underflow application. The SmartFlex pump is ideal for abrasive applications as only the hose is in contact with the slurry. End expensive leaky seals that fail prematurely. Easy to service and can be maintained in place. The SmartFlex line of… Read more »

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