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    Chemical Industry

    Production of Paints & Coatings

    Paints & Coatings 

    Producing excellent paints and creating exceptional coatings is your business.

    Helping you make those important products efficiently, effectively, smoothly and safely is our business.

    We manufacture high-performing, long-lasting mixers and mixing systems ideal for producing paints and creating coatings.

    Our durable, reliable equipment delivers the precise and powerful dispersion, de-agglomeration, dissolution, suspension, particle size reduction, homogenization, and emulsification that is critical to manufacturing paints and coatings.

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    Supplying the expertise you expect

    Combining six decades of industry experience with unparalleled technical expertise, we deliver expert, efficient and effective process solutions for all your paint and coating applications:

    Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is chemically inert and has exceptional opacity and whiteness. To maximize opacity and gloss properties, TiO2 must be fully dispersed and evenly distributed throughout the product.

    Our mixers and mixing system provide the high horsepower needed for uniform suspension and dispersion, while decreasing lumping. Our heavy-duty, reliable equipment resists abrasion resistance.

    These chips are commonly used for road surfacing. Use our mixers to disperse rubber particles quickly, efficiently and effectively.

    Coatings enhance paper in a variety of ways: Whiteness, opacity, smoothness, absorption rate. A typical coating consists of a pigment dispersed in water and an adhesive or binder. 

    Coatings can be created with calcium carbonate, talc (for smoothness), silica (for water absorption), titanium dioxide (whiteness and opacity), and resins (ink absorption).

    Clays or pigments are dispersing into water with conventional agitation. The binder is prepared separately before being blended. Other additives such as waxes, coloring, etc. may be added at this stage.

    Our mixers feature the high horsepower required for quality, uniform suspension of talc and other ingredients, and to limit lumping. Our durable, reliable equipment is sturdily constructed to withstand abrasion resistance.  

    Inks for bar coding, batch numbering, expiration dates and other identification purposes are used in many industries. 

    Inks are usually made from resins, polymers, plasticizers, dyes, conductive salts and pre-micronized pigments. These ingredients come in powders, liquids and chips. The end product must be stable, homogeneous, and free of lumps and particles that could clog ink jet nozzles.

    Our mixers agitate vigorously to incorporate light powders that can float, and to prevent dense solids from sinking to the bottom of the tank.

    Our high shear mixers provide rapid, efficient dispersion and suspension of pigments and viscosifiers into water or alcohol, ensuring batch consistency, saving you time, and increasing productivity.

    Providing The Product You Need

    We supply our experience, our expertise and our equipment to painting and coating manufacturers around the world. We have helped them save time, improve productivity, maximize performance, decrease maintenance costs, and ensure workplace safety. 

    We can do the same for you.

    Our trained applications experts work closely with you to assess your operation, determine the best process solution, and deliver the exact equipment you require.

    Our team provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application.

    We are your perfect process partner.

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    Over 60 Years Experience

    Delivering the Service You Deserve

    The Hayward Gordon Group provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application. We also deliver the reliability, experience, quality and expertise you need to make high-quality products, reduce processing time, reduce operating costs, improve product quality and increase profitability.



    We have been manufacturing pumps and mixers for more than 60 years. We have unparalleled industry knowledge and impressive mechanical expertise to improve and enhance your processing.


    Our pumps and mixers are strong, sturdy, and durable to ensure your processing runs smoothly and safely.


    Our equipment is expertly engineered, precisely manufactured to ISO 9001 certification standards[TT1], and rigidly tested to meet or exceed your exact specifications for precision and performance.
    Single Source

    Single Source

    We have the in-house technical expertise and high-quality products to develop and configure the ideal process systems of piping, pumps and mixers that can handle the most demanding processing. We are your one-stop-shop for all your process needs.
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    Our team provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application. We are your perfect process partner.

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