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Food & Beverage Industry

Food Production

Hundreds of food products must be mixed, processed, hydrated, homogenized, and emulsified before getting packaged, shipped, sold, and served.

Scott Turbon Mixer and Hayward Gordon design, develop, and deliver high-quality process solutions ideal for your most demanding food processing applications.

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Supplying The Expertise You Expect

Our trained application experts work closely with you to apply the appropriate mixing technology and relevant application knowledge that:

  • Maintains consistent flavor and appearance
  • Ensures consistency 
  • Meets or exceeds sanitary standards
  • Increases your productivity
  • Decreases equipment downtime
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Enhances workplace safety

We manufacture high-performing, long-lasting food grade mixers, high-quality pumps, and sanitary mixing systems for a wide range of food processing uses:

Damaged vegetables have little value, so our low shear screw pump can process whole vegetables in water without wrecking them, saving you time and money. Our equipment is reliable, durable – our bearings can operate up to 100,000 hours - easy to maintain and simple to operate. 

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Our pumps can easily chop bone, hide, hair, and other solids that usually clog other equipment. Our pumps also can effortlessly pump remains from the kill floor, skinning, and cutting stations. Our process solutions are easy to maintain: The back pullout design allows servicing without disturbing suction or discharge piping.

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Brine serves as a preservative, flavoring, or coloring, and can also increase the volume and weight of the product thus increasing yield. Traditional brines consist of just water, salt, and sugar, but most formulations are more complex. The salt and sugar must be dissolved. Our high shear mixers can ensure brine ingredients get thoroughly mixed and your brine product remains effective. 

Thickeners and stabilizers improve the body and texture of dressings, sauces, soups, beverages, and desserts. They also make sure spices stick to snack foods like potato chips, improve stability of frozen foods, maintain food freshness, improve ease of low-fat spreads, and improve adhesion of bread coatings. 

Thickeners are created by slowly sifting powder into a vortex. If fish eyes form, the process takes longer because of the additional mixing and filtering needed to eliminate the fish eye effect. Our durable, reliable process solutions help eliminate fish eyes, decrease powder buildup on tank walls, reduce batch times, ensure consistency, and maximize your yield.

Tomato paste is concentrated tomato solids processed to not flow. Paste does not blend well in hot water, which means longer processing time. Diluting tomato paste poses two challenges: For the mixer, and for removing paste from buckets, drums, or totes into the mix tank.

Our Scott Turbon mixer head coupled with hydraulic and mechanical shear mixers rapidly breaks down tomato solids to a uniform, diluted product. Our tote dumping system simplifies and safely handles the addition of whole totes of thick paste to the mix tank.  

Flavor emulsions are used in a wide range of foods, carbonated soft drinks, and dairy products. Emulsions commonly contain water, essential oils and emulsifiers and stabilizers, like gum arabic.

Hydrating gums and thickeners is one of the most difficult mixing operations: In some cases, the solution must be agitated for a long period to ensure complete hydration. Agglomerates can easily form. Partially hydrated material can build up on the shaft of the mixer and on the vessel wall. 

Use our top-loading mixer with a Scott Turbon mixer head to rapidly incorporate powdered ingredients and prepare a uniform pre-emulsion (oil/water phase mixing) prior to homogenization. Use our Vacublend and HSM in-line mixers to reduce the number of passes through the valve homogenizer.

Our process solutions save you time, maximize your yield, and increase your productivity.  

Powdered ingredients, generally gum thickeners, added to water or a water/oil base to produce sauces suitable for freezing and reheating without losing viscosity, stability, or texture.

Hydrating gums and thickeners is one of the most difficult mixing operations, fraught with challenges in time and material.

Use our Scott Turbon mixer head along with top loading, bottom loading, and hydraulic RAM mixers to master these challenges. With our Vacublend in-line mixer, you can add thickeners from the floor, beside the tank.  

Xanthan gum thickens and stabilizes emulsions and suspensions. The powder commonly forms lumps when added to water, and must be dispersed and hydrated.

Other issues with dispersing Xanthan include long batch times, filtering lumps in final product, powder build-up in vessels, and 'gumming' of mixing equipment. Extra steps to solve these problems require added expense and time.

Use our unique Scott Turbon mixer heads with our top-loading, bottom loading, and Hydraulic Ram mixers to increase your productivity, decrease downtime, and ensure batch consistency. Using our Vacublend in-line mixer, you can add gum thickeners from the floor, beside the tank, further increasing your efficiency.

Traditionally, brines are water, salt, and sugar. Today, a multitude of dry ingredients are incorporated, including protein powders, flavoring agents, nitrites/nitrates, antioxidants, phosphates, and hydrocolloids. 

Ideally, powders must be completely dissolved, and the stabilizers, flavorings, and other ingredients must be properly hydrated and distributed. But some phosphates are hard to dissolve, stabilizers form agglomerates, and more ingredients means increased viscosity and longer mixing times. 

Our process solutions provide rapid and effective dissolution, hydration, and mixing you need. Our heavy-duty equipment is resistant to abrasion and corrosion, is reliable, and increases your productivity.

Providing The Product You Need

Our mixers, pumps, and process solution equipment are expertly engineered, skillfully crafted, and rigidly tested to meet your exacting sanitary, food-grade specifications, and handle the most challenging food processing applications.

Whether testing out a new product line or expanding to full-scale production, we supply the high-performing, long-lasting process solution you need for the most challenging uses in the food processing industry.

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