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Jacketed Molten Sulfur Pumps

Hayward Gordon Molten Sulfur pumps provide reliable performance in both clean and dirty sulfur services. The A-VBJ vertical line shaft and A-J horizontal pumps feature a specially engineered and designed column, cross over pipes, volute, and seal housing that minimizes thermal stress and ensures the required temperature control.

Field Proven Results

Tried and tested with over 50 years of operational experience, Hayward Gordon jacketed vertical and horizontal molten sulfur pumps provide reliable performance in both clean and dirty sulfur service.

For clean or slightly contaminated molten sulfur, the jacketed A-VBJ vertical lineshaft and A-J horizontal designs make use of the excellent lubricity of sulfur to provide effective lubrication to the specially designed lineshaft bearings and mechanical seals. These models feature a high-efficiency centrifugal process pump wet end.

For services with more severe solids contamination, such as sulfur reclaim, Hayward Gordon can provide model A-VCJ jacketed vertical cantilever pumps that eliminate submerged bearings or seals from exposure to the wearing action of the contaminate solids.

For handling molten sulfur with large solids or rocks, the open passages of our non-clogging recessed impeller wet end make an excellent choice on either the horizontal or vertical pumps.

All Hayward Gordon molten sulfur pumps allow the required control of sulfur temperature by the passage of steam or water/glycol solution through a specially designed system of a volute, seal housing, discharge, and column jackets. Vertical pump column jackets are constructed with welded and flanged connections ensuring precise shaft alignment.


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Hayward Gordon pumps, both horizontal and vertical configurations, feature easy impeller clearance adjustment by use of micro adjusting screws on the thrust bearing housing.

Impellers are available as fully open, fully enclosed, or recessed style depending on the application and solids concentration. Impellers feature back pump-out vanes that lower thrust on the bearings and reduce pressure in the sealing area.

Our horizontal pumps utilize a mechanical seal developed with major seal manufacturers to develop a reliable and field-proven combination of jacket seal housing and gland assembly. Temperature control in the seal area is critical for proper pump operation and reliability.

All bearings have a minimum L10 life of 30,000 hours and are mounted in an adjustable housing which allows easy adjustment of impeller clearances.

Columns on our vertical pumps are double-walled pipe with precision flanged spigots to ensure accurate alignment of shaft, bearings, and impeller. Steam cross over piping is designed to minimize thermal stresses.


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Hayward Gordon offers both horizontal and vertical configurations with wet ends for clean and dirty sulfur services. The specially designed jacketing system proven on sulfur applications can also be used on any fluid which must be pumped at a controlled temperature.

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