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XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump

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The Hayward Gordon XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump combines the advantages of a screw pump with the advantages of a centrifugal pump. The result is a unique pump that efficiently handles a variety of applicaitons thick sludges, large or stringy solids, shear sensitive fluids as well as more delicate materials.


The XCS pump utilizes an impeller with a single vane design and two hydraulic sections. The front section acts as a positive displacement screw, gently drawing fluid into the pump. The single vane accelerates the fluid through the screw section into the centrifugal pump section, where the pressure head is developed. The long, single-channel impeller produces high flow at relatively low total dynamic heads.


The XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump is available in the following mounting configurations:

  • Horizontal Dry Pit
  • Vertical Dry Pit
  • Submersible
  • Immersible
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The combined screw-centrifugal action provides smooth flow, low turbulence and minimum hydraulic losses. This translates directly into reduced power costs through lower energy consumption.

The large, open channel design allows material to be pumped without restrictions or abrupt changes in direction. There are no exposed blades or edges for solids to catch on. Maintenance due to clogging is virtually eliminated.

Hayward Gordon’s proven clamp type construction eliminates the need for drilled and tapped holes on wet end components. This allows construction in a variety of hard metals including Ni-Hard and High Chrome Iron.

Also offered with an externally adjustable suction liner that allows convenient adjustment of internal clearances to compensate for wear. These XCS advantages provide long service life in abrasive applications.

The power requirements of the Hayward Gordon XCS line are relatively constant when compared to other pump designs. In many cases, the power consumption actually drops with increasing capacity. Motor overloading will not occur when capacity increases due to a drop-in head.

Capital and operating costs are thereby reduced by not having to purchase and operate oversized motors.

The NPSHR (net positive suction head requirement) of Hayward Gordon XCS pumps is extremely low compared to other centrifugal pumps. The suction inducing effect of the impeller’s screw section allows the pump to handle thick sludges, hot liquids, and liquids near their vapour pressure without the expense of having to construct an elevated liquid source.

The XCS’s smooth, non-turbulent flow path and large open channel from suction to discharge, allows delicate or shear sensitive material to pass gently through the pump without damage. Fruits, vegetables, flocculants, crystal slurries, and even live fish are easily handled.

The steep head-capacity curve means that reserve head is available to keep thick fluids moving even if sludge consistency increases. The positive displacement action of the screw section and low NPSHR means that XCS pumps are capable of inducing the suction required to get these fluids moving.

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Industries & Applications

A Hayward Gordon XCS Screw Centrifugal Pump can be applied to meet the pumping requirements for a multitude of applications in various industries.

Common XCS Pumping Applications:

The XCS screw centrifugal pump offers unique technological advantages that are well suited to municipal sludge pumping applications.

Services like Return Activated Sludge (RAS), Waste Activated Sludge (WAS), and Digested Sludge Recirculation often involve short pipe runs with relatively little static head, resulting in low overall total dynamic head (TDH). Required flows can be especially high when tanks are being recirculated or mixed. This high flow/low head hydraulic requirement is difficult to obtain with conventional centrifugal “non-clog” pumps but matches the performance characteristics of the screw centrifugal impeller very closely.

Solids such as rags, hair, and/or clusters of stringy material are often encountered in RAS, WAS, and digested sludge applications. This material hangs up on the leading edges of conventional “non-clog” impellers causing unbalance and eventual clogging. In order to pass such solids, screw centrifugal impellers feature a single spiral vane which creates one large, smooth passage without abrupt redirection of the fluid. Specially designed cutting grooves further ensure that any material caught in the close clearance between impeller and cone is sheared off and re-introduced into the flow.

On some sludge services, variations in solids concentrations can be experienced (as ranges between 2-7% are common). In these circumstances, consideration must be given to changes in available NPSH, TDH, and power consumption which can result in problems such as cavitation, loss of flow, and motor overload respectively. The positive displacement action of the impeller’s “screw” section acts as an inducer which provides very low required NPSH. Screw centrifugal pumps also exhibit steep head-capacity curves that are typically non-overloading at a given speed making their performance relatively insensitive to changes in TDH. These design characteristics make screw centrifugal pumps extremely accommodating under varying sludge conditions.

Resistance to abrasive wear is often a concern with pumps for sludge handling services. To resist abrasion, all wet end components including; impeller, casing, and suction cone can be manufactured in wear resistant materials such as high chrome iron with a minimum hardness of 450 BHN. It is particularly important to maintain the pump’s close running clearances in order to ensure optimum performance. To assist in maintaining optimal clearances, the XCS impeller clearances can be externally adjusted on screw centrifugal pumps without the need to disconnect piping or remove the pump.

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Our XCS screw centrifugal pump is designed for high flow, low head service typical of transfer applications. This pump has the ability of passing long fibrous and stringy material without clogging, it is also the pump of choice for handling shear sensitive material like flocculants and delicate crystals.

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