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    Food & Beverage Industry

    Beverage Application Mixers

    Scott Mixers designs, develops, and delivers, high-quality mixers, and mixing solutions ideal for your most demanding beverage applications.

    Our trained application experts work closely with you to determine and select the best mixing technology, and then help you apply it using our unparalleled industry experience and insight. Together, we create a customized, innovative process solution that:

    • Maintains flavor and appearance
    • Ensures consistency 
    • Meets or exceeds all sanitary standards
    • Increases productivity
    • Decreases equipment downtime
    • Lowers maintenance costs
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    Supplying the Expertise You Expect

    We have decades of experience in providing process solutions for all facets of the beverage industry. Our trained application experts have a wealth of industry knowledge and can design and configure a process solution to meet and exceed your exacting needs:

    Pumping fruit juices can pose acidity and high viscosity issues, which can make pumping slow and noisy. Incorporating vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into the mix can also be challenging. Hydrating gums and thickeners are one of the most difficult mixing operations. In some cases, the solution must be agitated extensively to ensure full hydration. Also, agglomerates can easily form. 

    Use our unique Scott Mixers mixer head to meet all these challenges. This technology is incorporated in several products: top entry, bottom entry, and Hydraulic Ram Mixers. Our Vacu-Blend in-line mixer allows you to add gum thickeners from the floor, beside the tank.

    A smoothie is made by blending raw fruits or vegetables with water, fruit juice, or milk. It might also contain other ingredients such as grains, herbs, or proteins. The process involves crushing, extracting, filtering, blending, and packaging. The mixing system must be capable of dispersing any powdered ingredients such as milk powders and other nutritional supplements. Our robust, reliable process solutions won’t clog and are easy to clean. 

    The amount of sugar in carbonated and still soft drinks varies depending on whether the product is supplied ready to drink, or as a concentrate, or a syrup. A formula might also contain flavoring, concentrated fruit juice, acidity regulators, preservatives, stabilizers, antioxidants, and coloring. 

    Use our pumps and mixers to ensure these ingredients are dispersed efficiently and effectively.

    Margarine is a blend of vegetable oil or animal fat and water. Salt, flavorings, color, and preservatives are added. In many countries, the proportions of these ingredients are controlled by legislation. We deliver the exact process solution that meets your manufacturing, sanitary, and legal needs.

    Sugar syrup is used in a wide variety of food and beverage products. Liquid sugar simply requires blending with water. Depending on the scale of production, the water might have to be heated to accelerate dissolution. Other ingredients can be mixed with part of the sugar to prevent agglomerations from occurring and light powders from floating.

    The sand and soil from washing beets can quickly erode pump casings and other components. Our heavy-duty process solutions are durable, reliable, and constructed to handle such a demanding application. Our pumps last longer than standard centrifugal pumps, improving your productivity, and lowering your maintenance costs.

    Providing The Product You Need

    Our mixers, pumps, and process solutions separators are expertly engineered, skillfully crafted, and rigidly tested to meet your exacting sanitary, food-grade specifications, and handle the most challenging beverage applications no matter what their form - wet or dry, cold or hot, coarse or fine.

    Whether testing out a new product line or expanding to full-scale production, we supply the high-performing, long-lasting process solution you need for the most challenging uses in the beverage industry.

    We provide the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application.

    We are your perfect process partner.


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    Over 60 Years of Experience

    Expertise in Pumping & Mixing Solutions

    The Hayward Gordon Group provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application. We also deliver the reliability, experience, quality and expertise you need to make high-quality products, reduce processing time, reduce operating costs, improve product quality and increase profitability.



    We have been manufacturing pumps and mixers for more than 60 years. We have unparalleled industry knowledge and impressive mechanical expertise to improve and enhance your processing.


    Our pumps and mixers are strong, sturdy, and durable to ensure your processing runs smoothly and safely.


    Our equipment is expertly engineered, precisely manufactured to ISO 9001 certification standards[TT1], and rigidly tested to meet or exceed your exact specifications for precision and performance.
    Single Source

    Single Source

    We have the in-house technical expertise and high-quality products to develop and configure the ideal process systems of piping, pumps and mixers that can handle the most demanding processing. We are your one-stop-shop for all your process needs.

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    Our team provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application. We are your perfect process partner.

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