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Food & Beverage Industry

High Shear BBQ Sauce Mixers

Scott Mixers high shear bbq mixers are fundamental to the efficient manufacturing of tomato-based BBQ sauces. The unique design of the Scott Mixers mixing head combines both pumping and shearing elements into a BBQ sauce mixing system to draw product from both the top and bottom of the batch. Our high shear rotor technology provides superior horizontal and vertical batch flow, ensuring the barbecue sauce is uniformly sheared and dispersed saving you time and resources.

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Most BBQ sauces are produced in a similar fashion – liquid ingredients are added to a mix tank and blended. Dry ingredients are surface added and mixed into the liquid base through bbq mixing systems. The combined ingredients need to be heated together or “cooked” to caramelize the sugars for flavor enhancement, referred to as Hot Mix. Common challenges like dilution, build up, and proper blending are just some of the benefits our high shear BBQ mixers resolve.

High Shear BBQ Mixer Benefits

  • Increased Productivity & Product Quality
  • Maximized Ingredient Yield
  • Low Maintenance  

Scott Mixers Hydraulic Ram “HR” Mixers are a flexible and high-capacity platform for the Scott Mixers mixing head technology. The lifting mixer design supports the use of portable mix tanks, delivering high capacity and flexible processing.

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The next step in production efficiency is the Scott Mixers Dressing and Sauce System. At the core of this system is the Scott Mixers Hydraulic Ram high shear mixer and lift. Ideal for the rapid incorporation and dispersion of powdered ingredients.

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For larger scale production however, a Scott Mixers Tote Slurry System efficiently and rapidly produces ready to use tomato puree in large volumes. Incorporating a fully automated lifting / dumping mechanism, full totes are lifted in place, safely dumping the thick paste into a high-powered bottom mount high shear mixer for rapid processing.

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Our mixers and process solutions are expertly engineered, skillfully crafted, and rigidly tested to meet your exacting sanitary specifications, and handle the most challenging sauce and dressing applications no matter what their form - wet or dry, cold or hot, coarse or fine.

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Scott Mixers provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of mixers for your application. We also deliver the reliability, experience, quality, and expertise you need to make high-quality products, reduce processing time, reduce operating costs, improve product quality, and increase profitability.



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