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Continuous Dispersion Mixing System

The introduction of powders into a fluid process is one of the most challenging mixing duties you will come across. Incorporating powders directly into a liquid stream, can speed up your process, and improve your product quality, while at the same time improving operator safety. In the Scott Turbon Continuous Dispersion Mixer mixing system, powder ingredients are added at a controlled rate from either a volumetric or loss-in-weight (LIW) feeder.

Traditional inline mixers are designed to work with loaded dry ingredient feed hoppers where the powder induction rate is dependent upon both the powder flow behavior and liquid stream characteristics (flow and viscosity). Ideally suited for batch operation, these mixers fail to impress when implemented in a truly continuous operation.  Prone to plugging where the powder meets the liquid stream and high air entrainment rates, true continuous operation becomes problematic.

Dry ingredients merge with a metered liquid feed stream in a powder-liquid interface device and are immediately drawn into the high-shear mixer.  The unique design of the powder-liquid interface eliminates plugging and minimizes air entrainment into the process.  The high-shear mixer, with a self-pumping rotor and stator design, discharges an agglomerate-free, uniform mixture. 

Metering of the powder and liquid feed streams allows for precise control of discharge concentrations enabling true continuous dispersion mixing.

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Industries and Applications

Scott Turbon provides high-performance Continuous Dispersion Mixing system solutions meeting strict hygienic requirements, including 3-A sanitary standards, for companies worldwide. Whether you are looking to reduce your batching time, improve your product quality, or scale up to a larger capacity, the Scott Turbon CDM experts have the knowledge and experience to meet your mixing needs for the production of a wide range of products: dips & sauces, batters, condiments, salad dressings, juices and beverages, salt brines, and flavorings to name a few.

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Whether testing out a new product line or expanding to full-scale production, Scott Turbon offers a variety of continuous dispersion mixing technologies and systems to provide you with the best solution for product processing. Contact our experts for customized solutions to achieve optimal results in applications involving shampoos, conditioners, gels, lotions, creams, pigments, lipsticks, clay masks, and other cosmetic and personal care products.

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Scott Turbon offers high-shear mixing technologies well suited for mixing powders into liquids, creating stable emulsions, and particle size reduction. With 30 years plus of application experience mixing gums, pigments, polymers, and resins, our high-performance mixing systems will provide years of trouble-free operation.

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  • Automation of an in-line process reduces operator manpower, eliminates operator error, and dramatically increases productivity
  • Maximum yield from your ingredients is ensured as all powders must pass through the rotor/stator work head ensuring lump-free dispersions with no bypassing of product possible.
  • Significantly reduced air incorporation eliminates the need for de-gassing
  • Elimination of traditional batch mixing tanks saves floor space
  • Small footprint, saves floor space

Flexible Processing

  • Standalone Continuous Dispersion Mixer for easy integration into your process line. Integrates easily with a variety of powder delivery & control systems
  • Volumetric or LIW feeders depending on required accuracy
  • Turnkey systems including liquid feed control, powder metering, integrated controls, and delivery

Hygienic Design

  • All stainless-steel sanitary design construction
  • CIP design keeps you up and running
  • Easy washdown of external components
  • 3-A sanitary design

Simple to operate, easy to maintain

  • Eliminate operator bag handling and dumping of powders into tanks or feed hoppers
  • Sanitary clamp design and housings for quick teardown and inspection of the powder/liquid interface, rotor/stator elements, mechanical seals, and gaskets.
  • Interlocked seal water flush system
  • Directly coupled to motor mixer design eliminates maintenance headaches associated with mixer shaft bearings, belts, or gear drives.

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