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    Scott Mixing Technology

    Scott Mixing Heads simultaneously draw the product from the top and bottom of the batch, dispersing the product rapidly throughout the tank. In addition, the unique design of each mixing head develops high pumping rates not seen with traditional batch-style high-shear mixers. Complimented with a range of application-specific shear elements, Scott Mixers will easily handle your most demanding dispersing or emulsifying process, saving you time and ensuring your product quality.

    • Type “A”: Designed for producing fine emulsions and the wetting and dispersion of powders in lower viscosity formulations. It features a cage-like shear element that helps disperse agglomerated particles and standardizes the consistency of the batch.
    • Type “B”: Designed for the wetting and dispersion of powders and production of emulsions in higher viscosity formulations. It features a large diameter, toothed disk, which enhances the flow characteristics of the batch.
    • Type “C”: Designed for applications requiring high flow and lower shear. It features a smooth disk that can easily blend shear-sensitive products.
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    Powder wetting and dispersing

    • Many surface added powders used by industry are difficult to wet and difficult to disperse with creating a floating mess or a mixture of lumps/agglomerates. The unique design of the Mixer Head rapidly pulls powders from the surface down into the mix head where they are dispersed agglomerate-free into the mixture, saving time and reducing ingredient waste.


    • Creating stable emulsions is a snap with the Scott Mixing Head. The high pumping rates and ability to pull from the top and bottom of the vessel, rapidly brings together the immiscible oil and water phases for contacting in the high shear zone of the mix head. 

    Blending & Dissolving

    • The ability to pull liquid from above and below the Scott Mixer head, combined with high pumping rates, makes this an ideal choice for dissolving solids and blending together liquid additions in your batch, saving you time and producing quality products.

    Hygienic design of the Scott mix head assures product safety and the elimination of batch to batch cross contamination. The mixer head is easily removed from the mixer shaft for COP cleaning and is available as a one-piece, CIP configuration for clean in place.


    Industries and Applications

    Scott Mixer provides high-performance mixing solutions meeting strict hygienic requirements, including 3-A, for companies worldwide. Whether you are looking to reduce your batching time, improve your product quality, or scale up to a larger capacity operation, the Scott experts have the knowledge and experience to meet your mixing needs for the production of a wide range of products; dips & sauces, batters, condiments, salad dressings, juices and beverages, salt brines, and flavorings to name a few.

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    Whether testing out a new product line or expanding to full-scale production, Scott Mixers offers a variety of mixing technologies and systems to provide you with the best solution for product processing. Contact our experts for customized solutions to achieve optimal results in applications involving shampoos, conditioners, gels, lotions, creams, pigments, lipsticks, clay masks, and other cosmetic and personal care products.

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    Scott Mixers provides sanitary mixing and processing systems for pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. Contact our factory experts for a customized solution to achieve optimal results in mixing and processing applications, such as tablet and granulation solutions, topical creams and lotions, ointments, gels, syrups, buffer solutions, and sterile ingredients.

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    Scott Mixers offers high-shear mixing technologies well suited for mixing powders into liquids, creating stable emulsions, and particle size reduction.  With 30 years plus of application experience mixing gums, pigments, polymers, and resins, our high-performance mixers and mixing systems will provide years of trouble-free operation.

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