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Hayward Gordon Vertical Cantilever pumps are built to last where other pumps fail. The ideal solution for pumping hot, corrosive, abrasive, volatile, explosive liquids and waste. They are regularly used to pump coal slurries, fly ash, bottom ash, grit, and any tramp material that finds its way into a sump. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum by eliminating the submerged bearings, mechanical seals and check valves. Only preiodic greasing of the bearings is required.

Industries Served






Hayward Gordon heavy duty vertical cantilever pumps are available with 3 different type of wet ends for corrosive, abrasive or solids laden applications. Our pumps have been successfully installed in coal plants, primary metals industry, chemical, pulp & paper and nuclear plants.



  • V-Belt or Direct Drive
  • External impeller clearance adjustment
  • Operates below first critical speed
  • Choice of matallurgy



Hayward Gordon vertical cantilever pumps are ideal for grit and scum pits. With no bearings located below the cover plate, maintenance and downtime is reduced to a minimum



  • No Mechanical Seal
  • No Bearings in contact with pumped fluid
  • 3 optional pump heads to meet application needs
  • External Impeller adjustment



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