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    Food & Beverage Industry

    Dairy Sanitary Transfer Mixers

    The number of dairy products available in the marketplace has exploded in the past 50 years. Consumers are trying – and buying – new, inventive, innovative products that taste good, provide health benefits, are readily available, and can be easily transported.

    This expansion means fresh opportunities for the dairy industry, along with some new process challenges.

    Helping you meet and master those challenges is what Scott Mixers does.

    For nearly four decades, we have designed, developed, and delivered high-quality dairy sanitary mixers for your most demanding applications. 

    Our trained application experts work closely with you to determine and select the best mixing technology, and then help you apply it using our unparalleled industry experience and insight. Together, we create a customized, innovative process solution that: 

    • Maintains flavor and appearance
    • Ensures consistency 
    • Meets all sanitary standards
    • Increases productivity
    • Maximizes yields
    • Decreases equipment downtime
    • Lowers maintenance costs
    • Enhances workplace safety
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    We have decades of experience in providing process solutions for all facets of the dairy industry. Our trained application experts use their vast industry knowledge to apply the proper mixing technology and relevant application insight to improve processes, save time, increase productivity, and lower maintenance time.

    Use our durable, reliable equipment for the most demanding applications in the dairy industry:

    Stabilizers improve the body and texture of dressings, sauces, soups, beverages, and desserts. They also make sure spices stick to snack foods like potato chips, improve stability of frozen foods, help foods maintain freshness, and improve adhesion of bread coatings. 

    Stabilizers are created by sifting powder into a vortex. If fish eyes form, the process takes longer because of the additional mixing and filtering needed to eliminate the fish eyes. Our durable, reliable process solutions help eliminate fish eyes, decrease powder buildup on tank walls, and maximize your yield.

    Flavoring gives us the wide variety of ice cream we have. These ingredients must be precisely and properly added and mixed to ensure consistency and taste. Our process solutions ensure each batch is flavored exactly and efficiently.

    Yogurt is made by fermenting milk with certain types of bacteria. There are two types of yogurt: Stirred, which is fermented in bulk before packing, and Set, which is fermented in the consumer packaging. Additives, flavors, thickeners, and stabilizers are mixed with the fermented milk to prevent whey separation, obtain correct viscosity, and create proper texture.

    Ice cream mixes are formulated from either whole milk, skim milk, cream, or in some cases water. Liquid ingredients are poured into a process vessel and heated to melt fat and dissolve and hydrate subsequent ingredients. Powdered ingredients - skim milk powder, sugars, whey powder, are added then mixed until dispersed. Stabilizing and emulsifying agents are added. Fat is added. Butter or other solid fats may be melted in a separate vessel before addition to the mix. The entire mix is homogenized. 

    Our durable process solutions expertly and effectively complete all those applications to the highest sanitary standards.

    Providing The Product You Need

    Our mixers, pumps, and process solutions equipment are expertly engineered, skillfully crafted, and rigidly tested to meet your exacting sanitary, food-grade specifications, and handle the most challenging dairy applications no matter what their form - wet or dry, cold or hot, coarse or fine.

    Whether testing out a new product line or expanding to full-scale production, we supply the high-performing, long-lasting process solution you need for the most challenging uses in the dairy industry.

    We provide the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application.

    We are your perfect process partner.

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    Over 40 Years of Experience

    Delivering the Service You Deserve

    Scott Mixers provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of mixers for your application. We also deliver the reliability, experience, quality, and expertise you need to make high-quality products, reduce processing time, reduce operating costs, improve product quality, and increase profitability.



    We have been manufacturing mixers for more than 40 years. We have unparalleled industry knowledge and impressive mechanical expertise to improve and enhance your processing.


    Our mixers are strong, sturdy, and durable to ensure your processing runs smoothly and safely.


    Our equipment is expertly engineered, precisely manufactured, and rigidly tested to meet or exceed your exact specifications for precision and performance.
    Single Source

    Single Source

    We have the in-house technical expertise and high-quality products to develop and configure the ideal process system of mixers that can handle the most demanding processing. We are your one-stop-shop for all your process needs.

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    Our team provides the most complete and comprehensive portfolio of rotating equipment solutions - mixers and pumps - for your application. We are your perfect process partner.

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