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XR Torus Recessed Impeller Pump

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The Hayward Gordon XR Torus Recessed Impeller pump, is a true vortex pump. Due to the nature of its design, the XR Recessed Impeller Pump is highly effective at handling abrasive slurries, stringy or fibrous materials, sludges and fluid with high gas entrainment.


The XR is designed with a semi-open recessed impeller which uses approximately 15% of the fluid to create a vortex as it rotates. The vortex effectively draws materials into the pump and out it's discharge. Since the impeller is completely recessed within the pump, actual contact with process solids is infrequent and large solid sizes can be handled. The vortex ensures that approximately 80% of solids present within the fluid are discharge without impacting the impeller and rear casing of the pump. This design allows the XR Recessed Impeller Pumps to be exceptionally wear resistant with long operating lives.


  • Horizontal Dry Pit
  • Vertical Dry Pit
  • Close Coupled
  • Submersible
  • Immersible
  • Vertical Cantilver & Bearing


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XR Torus Recessed Impeller Pumps are adept at handling abrasive slurries due to their construction and impeller design. XR pumps can handle slurries with solids content up to 40% and solid spheres up to 8".

Hayward Gordon has used the Torus pump for slurry pumping in the mining, oil & gas, and wastewater industries. 

The XR Torus Recessed Impeller is constructed with Super Ni-Hard Wet Ends.

Super Ni-Hard (ASTM A532 Class 1) is a cryogenically hardened nickel-chromium iron alloy with a hardness of 650-700 Brinell. Super Ni-Hard has been proven to provide excellent wear resistance.

A common component of abrasive slurries and sludges is silica sand that has a hardness of ~570-590 BHN. Since Super Ni-Hard has a greater material hardness, it is widely used on grit and sludge services where hard particles such as silica sand are present.  

The XR's radial vane impeller design directs flow towards its periphery, where a thick (up to 1.25") sacrificial wear element absorbs the brunt of the abrasive attack. The wear element protects the pump casing from attack. The XR's wear element can be rotated to provide a fresh area of absorption for the slurry to impact. 

These key design features allow Hayward Gordon's XR Torus Recessed Impeller Pumps to have a typical operating life greater than 10 years in abrasive slurry applications.

The XR Torus Recessed Impeller Pump's impellers are trimmable, allowing greater configurability in design and drive selection. 

Non-trimmable impeller designs used by competitors force customers to use belt drive configurations which add to overall maintenance costs due to the need for belt replacements.

A trimmable impeller gives the customer the option to use a direct coupled drive configuration, minimizing maintenance or replacement costs. Direct Drive pump configurations also typically occupy less space than Belt Drive pump configurations.

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Industries & Applications

The Hayward Gordon XR Recessed Impeller Pump is manufactured as a problem solver pump. Designed to meet the pumping requirements for a multitude of applications in various industries.

Common XR Pumping Applications:

  • Municipal Sludges 
  • Grit Slurry
  • Lime Slurry
  • Carbon Slurry
  • Molten Sulfur
  • Mining Tailing & Slurries
  • Black Liquor
  • Manure
  • Food Waste
  • Paint Sludge
  • Latex Resin Glue
  • Crystal Suspensions

The XR Torus Recessed Impeller pump, is a true vortex pump. Due to the nature of its design, the Torus Pump is highly effective at handling grit, stringy or fibrous materials, sludges with large solids and even fluid with gas entrainment.

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Abrasive slurries are easily handled by our Torus recessed impeller pumps constructed in a variety of hard metals. This same design can be supplied in high alloy materials when chemically aggressive fluids contain large solids or stringy material. In the vertical configuration this pump is the ultimate in non-clog for washdown sumps.

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