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Hayward Gordon's HydroMix utilizes a centrifugal pump to recirculate contents of a tank through strategically installed nozzles within the same tank. The high velocity fluid jet generated from the nozzles causes the contents of tank to turn and rotate, thereby developing a mixing regime. The mixing regime consists of both a circular and top to bottom fluid motion augmenting its effectiveness.

Hayward Gordon validates all its HydroMix designs through the use of its in-house proprietary Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capability. CFD allows the customization of each HydroMix for the client's specific process requirements to yield optimal performance results.

Hayward Gordon makes use of its over 40 years of mixing and pumping experience to design the HydroMix. Hayward Gordon manufacturers and assembles its industry renown centrifugal pumps and nozzles at its facility in Halton Hills, Canada.

The HydroMix is aimed towards mixing anaerobic digesters and sludge holding tanks within the wastewater treatment industry. It is typically installed in such tanks utilizing a piping configuration consisting of Hayward Gordon's solids handling (XCS, CHOPX , XR) centrifugal pumps, nozzle assemblies, system feed and suction piping

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Hayward Gordon’s HydroMix provides effective hydraulic mixing  encompassing a precisely engineered design of horizontally positioned nozzles combined with strategically angled vertical nozzles to ensure not only circular velocity pattern, but more importantly, to ensure good top to bottom movement which is critical to optimum mixing.



  • Develops greater than 90% active volume within the tank
  • Completely mixed tank in 60 minutes or less
  • Solids Suspension capability
  • Foaming and SCUM Blanket control capability for sludge applications
  • No moving parts within the tank
  • Trouble free maintenance and operability
  • Compatible with all Hayward Gordon solids handling pumps



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