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Process Pumping Solutions

For over 60 years Hayward Gordon has worked closely with our customers to develop exceptional products and tailored process pumping solutions. Hayward Gordon designs and manufactures pumps that handle the most severe or demanding of applications.

Hayward Gordon partners with customers to deliver customized process pumping solutions and builds products that exceed the highest quality standards. Our diverse portfolio of pumps and installations support application in the following industries:

Solids Handling Pumps

As a processing pump manufacturer, we offer the XCS pump that combines the action of a positive displacement screw with a single-vane centrifugal impeller. The XCS offers a unique set of advantages for handling thick sludges, large or stringy solids, and the ability to handle rags or other fibrous materials without clogging.

Top Applications:

  • Return & Waste Activated Sludge
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Carbon Slurries
  • Resins

XCS Key Features:

  • Efficient with a non-overloading power curve
  • Low NPSH requirements 
  • Abrasion and corrosion-resistant construction options
  • Gentle low-shear pumping action 
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The multi-role ChopX pump has the unique capability of cutting large solids combined with an efficient pumping action. This makes the ChopX pump ideally suited for applications with large solids in the wastewater, food processing, and pulp & paper industries. Installing a ChopX pump eliminates the need and cost of installing a separate grinder device. 

Top Applications:

ChopX Key Features:

  • Solids Reduction  
  • Non-Clogging and Anti-Fouling Design 
  • Flushless Seals for slurries with high solids content 
  • Abrasion and Corrosion resistant construction options 
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The XR pump uses a recessed impeller design to create a vortex in front of the impeller. This vortex ensures that up to 80% of solids present within the fluid are discharged without impacting the impeller and rear section of the casing. The XR pump’s unique design provides unparalleled processing pump solutions for highly abrasive slurries while ensuring pump longevity.

Top Applications:

XR Key Features

  • Ability to handle highly abrasive slurries 
  • Non-clogging design
  • Capability to pump large solids
  • Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant construction
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Vertical Pumps

A processing pump manufacturer, Hayward Gordon's vertical sump pumps are designed to ensure reliable operation in heavy-duty sump applications.  

Hayward Gordon’s sump pump designs are versatile and can be used on either clean or dirty liquids in applications such as sump drainage, tank unloading/transfer, and process circulation.  

Vertical Cantilever Design: 

The Hayward Gordon vertical cantilever pump design eliminates submerged bearings that would otherwise be subject to rapid wear in fluids containing abrasive solids or aggressive chemicals.  

Abrasive or Stringy Material Presence: 

Hayward Gordon’s vertical pumps can be manufactured with ChopX or XR wet-end designs to enhance efficiency and reliability in transferring abrasive slurries or slurries containing rags & stringy material.

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  • Hayward Gordon’s vertical sump pumps are designed to ensure reliable operation in even the most demanding heavy-duty sump applications.  
  • Hayward Gordon’s sump pump designs are highly versatile and can be used on either clean or dirty liquids and in applications such as; sump drainage, tank unloading/transfer, and process circulation.  
  • Vertical Bearing Design: 
  • The Hayward Gordon vertical bearing design is typically used for sumps where fluids are clean and not chemically aggressive. Our vertical bearing pumps are designed with long setting lengths due to their shaft being supported by intermediate bearings within the support columns.  
  • Abrasive or Stringy Material Presence: 

As a processing pump manufacturer, we offer vertical pumps that can be manufactured with ChopX or XR wet-end designs to enhance efficiency and reliability in transferring abrasive slurries or slurries containing rags & stringy material.  

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ANSIMax Pumps

The ANSIMax Series of centrifugal pumps are ideal for chemical processing applications and are manufactured per ASME B73.1 standard.

Top Applications:

  • Water and wastewater
  • Chemicals
  • Molten sulfur
  • Jet fuel
  • Breweries

ANSIMax Key Features:

  • ANSIMax models are available with three (3) unique impeller designs: Reverse Vane, Semi-Open Vane, and Low Flow
  • Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, or Duplex Stainless Steel, material configurations to suit a variety of different applications
  • Optional Thermal Jackets are available for applications that require temperature maintenance and control
  • Centerline mounting is available for high-temperature applications and aids with uniform material thermal expansion

Hayward Gordon keeps a comprehensive inventory of ANSIMax pumps and parts, for quick turnaround times.

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SmartFlex Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps are ideal for pumping aggressive chemicals, abrasive slurries, or for applications that require accurate chemical dosing capabilities.

Top Applications:

  • Aggressive chemicals
  • Thick wastewater sludges
  • Mining slurries
  • Fruits & Vegetables

SmartFlex Key Features: 

  • Dry run capability 
  • Self-Priming capability, no need for a check valve 
  • HALAR coating for aggressive chemical applications 
  • FDA Approved food grade hoses 
  • +/- 1% metering accuracy 
  • Can be coupled with commercially available gearboxes 

SmartFlex SRP & LRP series pumps are highly versatile, using only lubricant-free hoses within the peristaltic pumps.

Lubricant Free Technology: 

SmartFlex SRP and LRP peristaltic pumps utilize hose roller technology which eliminates the need to fill the pump casing with hose lubricant. The urethane rollers impart low stress on the hose and aid in increasing hose life. The rolling action also allows for less energy to be consumed by the pump. 

SRP & LRP Peristaltic Pump Key Features: 

  • Ideal for flows up to 1.77 gal/rev 
  • Reinforced hoses for pressures up to 116 psi 
  • NPT or Tri-Clamp connections in 316SS, PVC, PPL, and PVDF 
  • Optional HALAR coating for corrosion resistance 
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SmartFlex STP peristaltic pumps with a sliding hose shoe design are ideal for tough applications requiring both high flows and pressures.

STP Peristaltic Pump Key Features: 

  • Ideal for flows up to 5.28 gal/rev 
  • High-Performance hoses are capable of handling pressures up to 232 psi 
  • Integral cooling fins disperse heat and improve hose life 
  • Optional HALAR coating for corrosion resistance 
  • Available in Simplex configuration
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Sulfur Pumps

Hayward Gordon Molten Sulfur pumps provide reliable performance in both clean and dirty sulfur services. The A-VBJ vertical line shaft and A-J horizontal pumps feature a specially engineered and designed column, cross over pipes, volute, and seal housing that minimizes thermal stress and ensures the required temperature control.

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Gear Pumps

Gear pumps are self-priming positive displacement pumps that produce a non-pulsating flow and require low NPSH to operate. They are ideal for metering applications and for pumping non-abrasive, viscous & non-viscous liquids at high differential pressures. 

Top Applications:

  • Acids
  • Caustics
  • Polymers

Liquiflo External Gear Pump Key Features: 

  • 316SS, Alloy-C or Titanium construction
  • PFA-Lined construction for highly corrosive fluids 
  • Magnetic-Drive configurations, eliminating leaking mechanical seals 
  • Temperature control jackets for specialty applications
  • Ability to handle fluid viscosities greater than 100,000 cP 
  • Ideal for flows up to 55 GPM and pressures up to 350 psi 
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Use for heavy-duty materials like epoxy resins, asphalt, fuels, grease, polyurethanes, soaps, paint, detergents, oils, and wax. Large bearing bracket provides the flexibility to use commercially available packing, component, or cartridge type seals.  

  • Cast Iron construction with NPT or flanged ports 
  • IG12 series has 11 sizes, flows to 500 GPM, pressures to 200 PSI 
  • IG19 series has 7 sizes, flows to 75 GPM, pressures to 250 PSI 
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Waukesha Sanitary Pumps 

Rotary positive displacement pump that meets 3A sanitary standards for use in the food, dairy, bakery, and beverage industries. Also widely used in automotive, chemicalpulp and paper plants.

Waukesha Sanitary Pump Key Features:  

  • 316L stainless steel construction 
  • Easy to clean
  • Complies with FDA requirements
  • Can handle up to 200 psi (13.8 bar) pressure
  • Heavy- duty bearing frame with large diameter shafts 
  • Grease lubed bearings  
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