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Sludge Conditioning

Hayward Gordon Group manufactures robust, reliable long-lasting pumps and mixers essential in almost every water and wastewater treatment application.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Sludge Conditioning

In order to effectively separate sludge and water, a polymer is added to enhance this separation. Uniform dispersion of the polymer ensures efficient sludge separation while using the least amount of polymer possible. Some polymer dispersion techniques have proven more effective that others, particularly with the high molecular weight polymers.

Many of these polymers have very different viscosities than the sludge and this requires a higher level of mixing energy to ensure that the necessary degree of mixing to ensure uniform dispersion of the polymer. All of this must be done without damaging the polymer or the resulting floc.

Experience and research has shown that the levels of energy provided by the Sharpe Mixers Simfloc is sufficient to thoroughly contact the higher molecular weight polymers allowing for lower polymer dosage and resulting in higher quality recovered water. A variable frequency drive is provided to ensure that the Simfloc can be “dialed in” providing the exact level of mixing to match variable conditions in the polymer/sludge properties and flow rates. Finally, the Simfloc incorporates a non-ragging impeller.

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Sharpe Mixers’ SimFloc engineered inline system provides a simple and cost-effective approach to improve sludge handling operations by reducing polymer usage and improving water recovery.
The SimFloc is a rugged piece of equipment designed for 24 hours/day of continuous service. This mixing system can be added to existing systems with minimal modifications to start reducing operating costs.

HydroMix hydraulic mixing system is very effective at mixing sludge when coupled with either an XCS or CHOPX pump. The HydroMix uses a solids handling pump to recirculate sludge through strategically placed nozzles within the tank. The jet velocity that emerges from the nozzles causes the tank to turn and initiate mixing. Nozzles are placed in such a way to ensure a uniform environment is created in the tank to minimize pH and temperature gradients in the fluid volume.

Hayward Gordon Group also has traditional options of using top entry mixers for agitating sludge. In smaller tanks, a top entry mixer with a ragless impeller can be used to mix the sludge. Ragless impellers prevent rags from accumulating on the impeller, while also providing good top to bottom mixing. Top entry mixers with PBT or AL impellers are also used for rapid mixing and polymer mixing applications for sludge within WWTPs. A top entry mixer typically provides a higher mixing energy/agitation than a hydraulic mixing system with G-values exceeding 100/s.

Solid mounding over time will decrease the overall active volume of the tank, leading to expensive clean-ups and loss of tank capacity. All of Hayward Gordon Group mixing products are designed to provide solid suspension capabilities for sludge conditioning applications to ensure solids mounding and settlements are not major issues. 

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