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Rapid Mixing Flash Mixing
Water & Wastewater Treatment

Rapid / Flash Mixing

A rapid (or flash) mixer is used to uniformly disperse and blend chemicals, such as coagulant aids, chlorine, and sulfur dioxide, into the process stream. These chemicals, either in solution or slurry form, are added for the purpose of neutralization, odor & color control, and/or to aid in the removal of solids.

The job of the mixer is to rapidly disperse the chemical additives to ensure a uniform mixture of the basin contents, i.e., the outlet concentration being the same as the average concentration in the basin.

The conventional configuration is a top entry mixer in a rectangular basin with impellers selected to maximize dispersion while preventing short-circuiting.

Alternatively, a Dynamic In-Line mixer can be used, which is a high-speed mixer operating in a specially baffled section of similar-sized pipe as the process stream.

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We have been manufacturing pumps and mixers for more than 60 years. We have unparalleled industry knowledge and impressive mechanical expertise to improve and enhance your processing.


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