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ChopX Chopper Pump

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ChopX Series Chopper Pumps perform the dual function of cutting and pumping, making them ideally suited for applications requiring reduction of solids size and/or protection of downstream equipment.


Hayward Gordon's ChopX Chopper Pumps design is an open-type impeller with sharpened leading and vane edges. The primary chopping and conditioning action of solids within the fluid is provided by the impeller's leading edges rotating in tight clearance across the cutter bar at the pump suction. A secondary cutting and expulsion action takes place behind the impeller with the impeller's sharpened vane edges, which rotate across spiral grooves on the backplate. This secondary cutting action both cuts and expels solids from behind the impeller.


  • Horizontal Dry Pit
  • Vertical Dry Pit
  • Close Coupled
  • Submersible
  • Immersible
  • Vertical Bearing


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ChopX pumps provide both cutting and pumping action in a single unit. This saves maintenance and capital cost associated with purchasing separate solid grinders and comminutors.

Our patented, computer generated impeller blade profiles provide cutting action at the leading edge while ensuring a smooth flow path for the fluid along the rest of the vane. The smooth flow minimizes turbulence, thereby reducing power consumption and improving NPSH.

After chopped solids enter the pump, they are prevented from binding the impeller or fouling the seal area by a secondary cutting and clearing action.

The impeller’s sharpened vane edges rotate over spiral grooves in the back plate. The interaction of the impeller vanes and grooves acts to cut and then expel stray solids from behind the impeller.

Hayward Gordon manufactures the ChopX pumps for heavy duty service and increased longevity when pumping corrosive or abrasive slurries.

The ChopX pump components can be manufactured from Ni-Hard, High Chrome, Hardened Alloy Steels and Stainless Steels. 

Hayward Gordon ChopX seal housings have a tapered design, which promotes the expulsion of solids and prevents build-up of solids in front of the seal faces.

This feature allows ChopX pumps to handle some slurries without requiring a seal water flush.

ChopX pumps can have a diverter valve assembly with a recirculation nozzle installed onto their discharge. 

The diverter valve with recirculation nozzle assembly allows plant operators to mix the contents of a tank or pit effectively before transferring them out using the ChopX pump. 

The diverter valve with recirculation nozzle assembly is provided with control arms for the horizontal and vertical articulation of the nozzle.

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Industries & Applications

A Hayward Gordon ChopX Chopper Pump can be applied to meet the pumping requirements for a multitude of applications in various industries.

Common ChopX Pumping Applications:

  • Municipal Sludges (SCUM, FOG, Digested Sludge)
  • Lift Station Waste Streams
  • Food Waste
  • Manure
  • Fleshings, Hides & Bones

The CHOPX pump provide pumping and chopping action which eliminates down stream cogging of nozzles, heat exchangers, valves and other equipment. When combined with our HydroMix nozzle system, an optimized mixing of digesters and sludge tanks is achieved.

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Hayward Gordon’s HydroMix® digester mixing system is proven technology consisting of the CHOPX pump and strategically placed nozzles in the tank. HydroMix systems develop a mixing pattern in the fluid volume which consists of both circular and top to bottom motion. The mixing regime is designed to promote the uniform blending of the contents and solids suspension to optimize methane production.

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