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    Replacement Peristaltic Pump Hoses

    Traditionally there are two methods of manufacturing peristaltic pump replacement hoses, the extrusion and the wrapped method. The SmartFlex® hose utilizes wrapped layers of calendered rubber compound, ensuring consistent wall thickness without machining. In addition, we provide peristaltic pump hoses with more layers of reinforcement that are strategically placed by hand for better restitution. The combination of wrapped hose technology and increased reinforcement layers results in a longer life for peristaltic pump replacement hoses. Our calendered replacement hoses come with a rubber and a reinforcement layer. Positive displacement pump extruded hoses can be replaced with wrapped hoses to receive the benefits of longer hose life.

    We offer an assortment of peristaltic pump replacement hoses. Refer to the list of hose types below to find the correct roller pump replacement hose.

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    • Increased layers of reinforcement


    • Direction of lay reversed with each ply
    • High-density layers of nylon
    • Calendaring of rubber and reinforcement


    • Longer hose life




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    Types of Hoses

    NBR, Black, Colour Code Red Stripe

    The NBR hose is a Buna hose, particularly suited for all oily and fatty products. Suitable for products with some types of hydrocarbons. The core in Buna N (nitrile rubber) is reinforced with tough textile inlays. The cover consists of SBR/NR in black and is coiled.

    NBR-A, Black, Colour Code White Stripe

    The NBR-A hose is the food-grade Buna hose. It is particularly suited for food products containing oily and fatty substances and cleaning products. The hose is reinforced with very tough textile inlays. The cover consists of SBR/NR in black and is coiled. This hose is produced in accordance with FDA Specifications Title 21 - Part 170-199, item 177.2600, certified with laboratory tests. 

    CSM, (Hypalon), Colour Code Green Stripe

    The CSM hose is made of chlorinated and sulfonated rubber. It has excellent chemical resistance to solid concentrate acids and bases, ozone, and other oxidants substances. 

    EPDM, Colour Code Blue Stripe

    The EPDM hose is particularly suited to delivering corrosive chemicals and has also shown great worth in transporting sewage contaminated with solvents. The hose is reinforced by very tough textile inlays. It is important to note that this hose cover is made of EPDM. In contrast to many other hoses where the cover is made of natural rubber. Thus, the hose is exceptionally chemical-resistant, even for diffusing media.

    NR Natural Rubber, Colour Code Black Stripe

    The NR is the most common hose type with excellent performance on hose life. Resistant to highly abrasive products. The NR hose type can apply to over 75% of the peristaltic applications. The inner core is a black, smooth, very tough textile inlay. The cover is black. The wound structure is highly abrasion resistant. This hose is particularly suited for all lightly corrosive chemicals and neutral products with abrasive contents. Not suitable for oily and fatty chemicals and foodstuffs

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