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Combining decades of industry experience with dedicated experts and cutting-edge technology, Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers design, develop and deliver high-quality mixers for the most challenging challenges in the world’s most demanding industries.

Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers supply heavy-duty mixers that provide the necessary pumping and shearing that is required to meet your process requirements.

Depending on your application and process requirements, our mixers can be manufactured to high 3A standards for your food, beverage, or pharmaceutical applications.

Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers can provide the best mixer for your exact specifications and requirements.

Supplying the expertise you expect

Portable Mixers

An economical choice for light-duty or intermittent-duty applications. Available from 1/6 to 1/3 horsepower to handle tanks up to 250 gallons of water-like material, or 50 gallons of a product with viscosities up to 250 cps. Available in single-phase or three-phase, with a variety of voltage options.

  • Adjustable angle mounting clamp
  • Heat-treated aluminum housing
  • 316 stainless-steel mixer shaft and marine propellers
  • Folding blade impellers available
  • Shaft coupling enclosed in a protective housing
  • Available in 115/230/460/575 volts
  • Air motor available
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With all stainless-steel construction, these mixers are the ultimate in sanitary equipment, providing the very best in corrosion resistance and contamination control. Our fully gasketed housings and engineered vapor seal where the shaft enters the mixer, ensure that no contamination can be caused by the mixer drive itself.

Gear drive and heavy-duty portable mixers can handle the larger volume and higher-viscosity applications. The slower speed provides the high torque necessary to mix higher viscosity fluids and the higher flow required in larger tanks.

  • Stainless-steel propellers
  • Welded shaft/impeller assemblies with #4 polish available
  • USDA approved
  • Easy to clean
  • Meets 3-A sanitary standards
  • Patented quick-lock mounting system


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Top Entry Mixers

For use where headroom and space is a challenge and sacrificing performance isn’t an option. The E-Series' efficient “high-pressure angle” gearing provides extremely quiet operation and high shock-load capacity. The hollow quill gearbox design uses oversize tapered roller bearings for long overhung shafts and requires no flange coupling for assembly.

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Cast iron drive housing
  • 316 stainless-steel components
  • Carbon steel, exotic alloys, or coatings available
  • Premium mechanical seal design limits shaft vibration and extends seal life
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Our premium line mixer drives are extremely efficient, durable, and the best choice in a diverse range of applications that provide many years of quiet service. Built specifically to meet the stringent specifications and regulatory requirements for mixing in applications such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products, chemicals, and waste treatment.

  • Cast iron, heavy-duty housing
  • NEMA frame motors
  • SAE 8620 steel helical gearing with overload protection
  • Oversized tapered roller bearings
  • C-face motor mounting or foot mounted motors
  • Oil-lubricated gears and bearings with oversize sight glass and fill/drain fittings
  • Durable two-part epoxy finish resists corrosion
  • Rain cap/shaft guard protects personnel from rotating parts and weather conditions
  • Top and side entering designs available
  • Sizes range from fractional to more than 200 horsepower
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Hayward Gordon’s MB Series is designed for intermediate capacity fluid mixing applications. Large range of sizes available with output speeds to allow precise mixer selection for any process requirement. Combining this flexibility with the large number of impeller designs ensures the most efficient mixer for your exact requirements.

  • Seven standard gearbox sizes available
  • Motor sizes range from 3 to 200 HP
  • Rugged steel housing
  • High-hardness helical gearing
  • Precision spiral bevel gearing
  • Oversized alloy steel shaft
  • No-leak drywell construction
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Specifically designed to endure extreme loading conditions. Their rugged design of the LH series mixer assures long, dependable operation with a minimum of maintenance. The premier choice at many of the largest and most innovative mining projects in North America, South America, Africa, and Australia. These durable, reliable mixers can handle volumes between 100,000 gallons and more than 1,000,000 gallons.

  • Inline configuration available
  • Eight drive sizes available
  • Customized application to provide optimum process solutions.
  • Oil baffle eliminates splash into drywell
  • Oversized output shafting handles high overhung shaft loads
  • High-speed flexible coupling designs available
  • Taper roller bearing
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Our HRF series mixers handle agitation requirements in the transition area between the small top entering propeller and large turbine mixers. They are suited to many applications with moderate batch size, particularly where viscosity is high or where the process demands turbine performance characteristics. Size and speed ranges of the HRF series substantially overlap conventional propeller and turbine capacities, offering a wide choice of units in this transition range.

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ST reducers are engineered and manufactured specifically to withstand the demanding loads imposed on the drive-by most mixing applications. The large bending moment created by the cantilevered mixing shaft and impeller is largely isolated from the gearing by the unique output bearing arrangement. All helical gearing with exceptional load-carrying capacity ensures a highly efficient and dependable transfer of energy into the process fluid.

The proven reliability of this drive combined with our extensive process experience allows Hayward Gordon to provide you with a precise, dependable mixing solution – critical for maximum profitability.

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Side Entry Mixers

The primary goal when Sharpe developed the V Series line was to make the mixers simple and easy to maintain. All-access areas are large and open for servicing. The grease fittings for the bearings and lube ports for the seals can be reached from one location. All seal parts, shaft bearings, and belt drive components can be replaced without removing the mixer or draining the tank.

V Series mixers are commonly used in the pulp & paper, asphalt, and petroleum industries. Oversized shaft drives propel the high-efficiency HYFLO 218 impeller. Each mixer impeller is specially tuned to provide the shape and curvature that will be most efficient.

  • NEMA or metric frame motors
  • Energy-efficient HYFLO 218 impeller
  • Standard 7-ring high-pressure stuffing gland
  • Spring and weight loaded lubricators and rotometers
  • Chrome, flame sprayed, or sleeved shaft hardening available
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The Hayward Gordon PSE side entering mixer is specifically designed and built with the durability and reliability required for large petroleum tank mixing applications. The highly efficient impeller provides maximum pumping and the swivel angle feature ensures that the entire tank floor is swept and scoured clean.

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Inline Mixing

Hayward Gordon’s Dynamic Inline Mixing System ensures that any chemicals added to the process pipeline are completely and uniformly dispersed throughout the flow stream. The equipment provides vigorous, high shear mixing to ensure uniform mixing in short retention times.

Dynamic in-line mixers replace the need for a conventional tank, top entry mixer, and associated mixer support structure. Applications that require additives to be "flashed" into a process stream can benefit from this system, which comes with a small footprint.

  • Direct, gear or V-belt drives available
  • Oversized shafting minimizes deflections, extends seal life
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Sharpe Mixers’ SimFloc engineered inline system provides a simple and cost-effective approach to improve sludge handling operations by reducing polymer usage and improving water recovery.

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We offer a wide assortment of impellers for various industries and applications. Use our Impeller page to determine the best impeller for your industry and application. Also, view all sides of the impeller with our 360 degree image viewer.

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We offer a variety of accessories for your specific mixing applications.

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