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Scott TurbonĀ® Laboratory, Top Mounted, and Hydraulic Ram Mixers can be fitted with additional mixing technology for more efficient processing of thick products.
The dual shaft mixer normally utilizes a high shear mixer in conjunction with a sweep, scrape surface, or turbine agitator. For low shear applications, a pitch blade turbine with a sweep or scrape surface agitator, or a counter-rotating concentric shaft arrangement can be incorporated.
The triple shaft mixer consists of a sweep or scrape surface agitator, a pitch blade turbine and a high shear mixer. When a counter-rotating mixer is requested, a bottom mounted mixer is fitted to the tank to complete the system.

  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Better flow for high viscosity products
  • Use of scrapers that pull product from the tank walls
  • Customizable helix and scrape surface agitators
  • Use of foil blades, propellers, or dispersers depending on the shear needed for the application

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