Lithium Underflow Pump

One of the SmartFlex peristaltic pumps ready to ship to a lithium plant for an underflow application. The SmartFlex pump is ideal for abrasive applications as only the hose is in contact with the slurry. End expensive leaky seals that fail prematurely. Easy to service and can be maintained in place.

The SmartFlex line of peristaltic pumps are self-priming up to 30 feet and are capable of running dry without detrimental effect. Maintenance is quick and easy, requiring only the hose to be changed. No expensive repairs that include seals, valves, rotors, stators, lobes and wearplates.

The pumps are low shear and provide repetitive accuracy for metering applications. They are available in roller type for low pressures to 115 PSI and the pressing shoe design for higher pressures to 232 PSI.