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Scott Mixers Announces Launch of Continuous Dispersion Mixer

May 18, 2021

Scott Mixers, designer and manufacturer of high performance, high shear mixers and mixing systems today announces the launch of the CDM (Continuous Dispersion Mixer). The Scott Mixers CDM makes powder incorporation and dispersion dramatically more efficient. By automating the inline mixing process, the CDM boosts production and quality while reducing operator error, manpower and waste.


Stephen Russell-Hill, Product Manager states “We are excited to offer our customers an alternative to traditional batch mixing. Using the CDM, customers can maximize ingredient yield and quickly produce a uniform mix, free of lumps with virtually no waste.”


Traditional in-line mixers are designed to work with loaded dry ingredient feed hoppers where the powder induction rate is dependent upon both the powder flow behavior and liquid stream characteristics (flow and viscosity). Ideally suited for batch operation, these mixers fail to impress when implemented in a truly continuous operation. Prone to plugging where the powder meets the liquid stream, and high air entrainment rates, true, continuous operation becomes problematic.


By contrast, in a CDM mixing process, powder ingredients are added at a controlled rate from either a volumetric or loss-in-weight (LIW) feeder. Dry ingredients merge with a controlled liquid feed stream in a powder/liquid interface device. Metering the powder and liquid feed streams allows for precise control of discharge concentrations. The interface itself is uniquely designed to prevent plugging, splashing, and high air entrainment associated with conventional inline mixers.



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