Waste Water

municipal Industry

Hayward Gordon solids handling pumps efficiently handle solids in your treatment plant. Our pumps can transfer or chop solids in fluid streams to eliminate clogged pumps, heat exchangers, valves and pipes. Hard metal, abrasion resistant designs in High Chrome or Ni-Hard provide long service life.


Why these products are the best in the industry:

  • Complete line of solids handling pumps
  • Inline mixing
  • Non Ragging Mixing Impeller
  • Digester Mixing System
  • Peristaltic Sludge and Metering Pumps


What you need to know

Each of our pump are specifically designed to transfer, chop or recirculate. Our XCS screw centrifugal pump, CHOPX Chopper, Torus Recessed Impeller and SmartFlex peristaltic, non-clogging, solids handling pumps provide a solution for each step in the wastewater treatment process.


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