Tomato Processing industry


Tomato Processing

sanitary Industry

The Scott TurbonĀ® Tote Slurry System technology has had an immense impact in the industries for food processing and manufacturing. These systems have increased the productivity for many tomato based products by allowing plants to process whole totes of tomato product at a time. The Tote Slurry System has a fully automated lifting/dumping mechanism. The lifting mechanism dumps the paste into a high-powered mixer that processes it into thick slurries that can be transferred to cooking stations.


Why these products are the best in the industry:

  • Stainless steel construction helps limit wear and tear
  • Fully-mechanized systems increases safety
  • Flexible; the ability to handle all tote sizes
  • Allows for processing food safely and efficiently
  • Clean-In-Place Designs


What you need to know

Typical Applications: Dispersion, De-agglomeration, Dissolution, Suspension, Reaction acceleration, Particle size reduction, Homogenization, Emulsification.


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