Chemical-Industrial Applications


Chemical & Industrial

industrial Industry

Scott Turbon offers a variety of mixing technologies and systems for the chemical and industrial industries to provide the best solution for product processing. Contact our experts for customized solutions to achieve optimal results in applications involving asphalt, cement, adhesives, waxes, clays, coatings, oils, paints, resins, detergents, and dyes.


Why these products are the best in the industry:

  • No submerged bearings or bushings
  • Everything top entry can be operated dry
  • Interchangeable work heads
  • High quality stainless steel corrosion resistant design
  • Certified UL 508A, 698A/B/C shop for integrating electrical controls, PLC touch screen displays, and ingredient automation


What you need to know

Typical Applications: Dispersion, De-agglomeration, Dissolution, Suspension, Reaction acceleration, Particle size reduction, Homogenization, Emulsification.


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