Hayward Gordon ULC and GE Sign Agreement for Distribution of Nozzle Mixing Systems in North America

Hydromix System

Aug. 31/16 – Hayward Gordon today announced the exclusive agreement with GE Water Technologies to provide nozzle mixing systems for anaerobic digestion tanks, sludge holding tanks and many other wastewater mixing applications throughout the North American market.

Hayward Gordon will take the lead in offering this complete nozzle mixing solution through its existing and well established distribution network.

Hayward Gordon’s HydroMix system is a highly effective hydraulic mixing system encompassing a precisely engineered design of horizontally positioned nozzles combined with strategically angled vertical nozzles which not only provides a circular velocity pattern, but more importantly, to ensure good top to bottom movement which is critical to optimum mixing. Reliable pumping, sludge conditioning and elimination of nozzle clogging is provided by the Hayward Gordon CHOPX series of chopper pumps which have been well proven on nozzle mixing applications across North America. This mixing is accomplished with no moving parts within the tank, resulting in a significant maintenance and process down-time savings.

In July 2014, GE acquired Monsal*, a private U.K.-based water and wastewater, advanced anaerobic digestion and integrated biogas-to-energy business. The acquisition of Monsal enhanced GE’s wastewater treatment product offerings and furthered GE’s commitment to energy reduction in wastewater treatment. Also through Monsal, GE has built up its expertise in nozzle mixing solutions and now has provided nearly 300 installations to utilities in the United Kingdom. The agreement will couple this expertise with Hayward Gordon’s vast pumping and mixing experience in providing a complete solution for each individual application.

“GE is a leading global supplier of water treatment, wastewater treatment, water reuse and process systems solutions. Hayward Gordon is an industry leader in pumping and mixing solutions for the municipal and industrial wastewater markets. Together, we can make great advancements in nozzle mixing systems in North America,” said, Graham Hicks, VP Manufactured Products, Hayward Gordon.

Anaerobic digestion, one of the most common applications for the HydroMix system, is a biological process in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. One of the end products is biogas, which can be combusted to generate electricity and heat—a feature that GE Power’s Distributed Power business can achieve with Jenbacher gas engines.

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