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Sharpe Mixers’ WET-445 Ragless Impeller is engineered to perform for the demanding service of wastewater and industrial applications with fibrous material that may build up on the equipment. The heavy duty, adjustable, efficient, self-cleaning axial flow design allows positive flow from top to bottom that will keep the shaft and impeller free of debris.

  • Self-cleaning impeller for “Rag Free” agitation
  • Improved mixing performance
  • Prevents overloading, shaft failure, and broken blades
  • Energy efficient easy to clean design
  • Reduced plant operating cost and downtime/premature failure
  • Retrofit or drop in replacement for existing mixers

Industries Served




The ragless impeller self cleaning technology eliminates the material build up that occurs over time as fibre attaches itself to the leading edge of standard hydrofoil type impellers. The fibres mat together and get larger and larger, fouling the impeller, reducing mixing efficiency and leading to poor performance, costly repairs and downtime. The Sharpe self cleaning, axial flow ragless impeller design is engineered to outperform other impeller styles keeping the shaft and impeller free of debris.



  • Self Cleaning design
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved mixing performance
  • Retrofit existing installations
  • One piece or split design



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