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As Mixing specialists Hayward Gordon can choose the optimum impeller style that is the most suitable for your application. Our engineered design will expose fresh surfaces of the particles, clean them of surface contaminants, oxides, slimes, clay and reduce particle size. Our specialized Application Engineers will select the ideal cell and baffle geometry.

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The Hayward Gordon attrition scrubber uses our heavy duty, purpose built mixer gear boxes with years of proven experience on tough mineral processing services. The impeller configuration is optimized for the best shear and flow characteristics. The intense mixing will ensure that particle surfaces are exposed to the reagents, particles are free of contaminants, oxides, slimes, clay and calcium.



  • Heavy duty agitator drive
  • Proper baffle and location selection
  • Support structure and cell roof designed for easy maintenance
  • Abrasion resistant rubber or urethane coverings



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